FAQ - General

Frequently asked questions about applying to the University of Jyväskylä as a degree student.

Application process

Do I apply directly to the University of Jyväskylä?

All applications are processed through the University Admissions Finland (UAF). The UAF is a centralized application and pre-processing service established by Finnish Universities. All applicants must begin filling in the application form at the national Studyinfo portal, where the applicant will be automatically directed to the UAF application portal.

Can I apply to more than one programme?

Yes, you can apply to more than one programme.

Can I use the same supporting documents if I'm applying to more than one programme?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the same supporting documents in two or more separate applications; you will need to submit new documents for each application. No documents can be returned to the applicant after the application round, so do not send any original documents. If you are applying to more than one programme and you verify your language skills to them with the same language test, University Admissions Finland needs to receive the test result only once.

I missed the deadline for application. What now?

Our Master's programmes are open for application once a year. You are welcome to apply again once the next application period opens, usually in the fall of a given year.  

I want to apply to law school / medical school / etc. and the University of Jyväskylä does not offer such programmes. What now?

Please see the website Study in Finland to find other Finnish Universities with programmes that you want.

Using the application portal

Can I start filling in the electronic application form already before the start of the application period?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to fill in the application before the application period starts. However, it is strongly recommended that you collect the required attachments beforehand and book a time for a language test in good time before the application period starts, in case you need to take a language test.

Can I make some changes e.g. to my personal details after I have sent the application?

If you wish to make changes to your personal details or educational background you can send an email to UAF or to the University. Hence, we advise you to fill in your answers carefully and with thought, before saving it.

Are there some requirements for the browser to be used when filling in the application form?

It is recommended to use Mozilla Firefox.

Is my application ready and submitted when I save it?

Applicants will begin the application process on the national Studyinfo portal (www.studyinfo.fi) where they can search for suitable programmes and begin the application. The application is filled in and submitted online; applicants are not required to send a printed copy of the application with their supporting documents. However, application enclosures must reach UAF by the given deadline. Note that enclosures submitted by email are not accepted.

I have problems with the UAF application portal and my application form. Who can help me?

Please contact the University Admissions Finland: telephone +358 29 41 235 28, e-mail info@universityadmissions.fi. Please notice that during the application period, UAF is receiving hundreds of emails daily, and it might take a few days to receive a reply.

Contacting UAF

How can I get assistance with my application process?

University Admissions Finland provides service via email (info@universityadmissions.fi). UAF's telephone service (+358 29 41 235 28) is open during application period. Telephone service hours are from Monday to Friday from 12.00 to 15.00 (GMT+2). University Admissions Finland does not offer face-to-face customer service. If you have questions about admission requirements, study-related issues or programme-specific enclosures, such as CVs and reference letters, please contact the programme directly.

Can I visit UAF’s office?

University Admissions Finland does not receive visitors at its office or offer face-to-face customer service. Please note that it is not possible to obtain a receipt for the documents you are submitting, and they cannot be submitted to UAF's office personally. Once your documents have been processed, a notification email regarding that application will be sent and, if needed, you will be requested to supplement your application.

Is it possible to check if UAF has received my documents?

University Admissions Finland receives thousands of applications and enclosures, so unfortunately it is not possible to check the arrival of each document before processing it. Mail is processed in the order of arrival. Once your documents have been processed, you will receive an e-mail notification and, if necessary, a request for supplementing your application. Please be patient as this might take several weeks after your documents have been received. UAF cannot give you information on whether or not your documents have arrived before they have been processed.

Language Proficiency Tests

Which language tests do you accept?

We accept TOEFL ibt, TOEFL pbt, IELTS Academic, PTE Academic, CPE, CAE and YKI (Finnish National Certificate of Language Proficiency) language test results.

When should I take the language test?

You should reserve at least a few weeks' time in order to register for the test, take it and receive the results. The number of test dates per month and seats per test date are usually limited; therefore it is important that you start making preparations for taking the test as soon as possible. The language proficiency test is part of the admission criteria and the test score should be sent by the testing center to University Admissions Finland by the application deadline.

What happens if my language test score will not arrive until after the application deadline?

It is sometimes the case that applicants cannot take their language test in time for the result to arrive by the application deadline. For this reason, we recommend that those wishing to apply make arrangements for their language tests as early as possible. However, if you find that you will receive the results late you may still apply for the programme. If a supporting document is missing when the application form arrives at University Admissions Finland, the applicant is given a 14 day extension period during which the missing documents can be submitted. If the document (e.g. the language test result) arrives after this extension period, the application will not be considered.

If I completed my previous studies in English, do I still need to take the language test?

This depends on the country in which you completed your studies and also on the programme-specific admission criteria. So please check the admission criteria of the programme(s) you are applying to. 

I have lived in an English speaking country for a number of years and have good English language skills. Do I still need to take the language test?

Yes, you still need to take the language test if you don't hold a degree which exempts form the language test requirement. Please see programme-specific admission criteria for additional information.

Can I send a copy of my language test score myself or does it have to be sent directly from the test organisation?

The TOEFL language test result should be sent directly from the testing centre to University Admissions Finland. When filling out the TOEFL Registration Form, please fill in University Admissions Finland’s Institution Code 3138 in the Score Report Recipient field.
The IELTS, PTE, CAE, CPE test score sheets can be sent by the applicant or the testing center. When filling out the Application Form to take the test, please address the test results in section 24 (Institution Applications) to University Admissions Finland, Yliopistonkatu 2, FI-00170 Helsinki, FINLAND.

How long will the language test score be valid and for how long it will be saved in the UAF system?

The language test scores are considered valid for two years, counting back from the starting date of the application round. If you have applied already during the previous application round, your language test score will be in the UAF system and you may use the test score, if the test has been taken within the two years of the start of the new application round.

You can log in to your My UAF user account and check whether University Admissions Finland already has your language test results. Please note that language requirements might change from year to year, so make sure that your language test scores pass the minimum requirements.

I plan to apply for several programmes through University Admissions Finland. Do I need to send a separate language test report form for each programme?

If you are applying to more than one programme and you verify your language skills to them with the same language test, University Admissions Finland needs to receive the test result only once.

Supporting Documents

I will receive my degree certificate after the application deadline. Can I still apply for the programme?

You may certainly still apply for the programme. Simply send your application package including everything but the degree certificate and include either a temporary degree certificate or an official letter from your institution of higher education stating your expected graduation time. If your application is successful you will be granted a provisional acceptance to the programme, pending the receipt of the missing document.

The official letter of your institution of higher education should contain at least the following:

    • The expected date of graduation
    • Name/field of the degree
    • Total amount of credits of the completed degree
    • Credits completed by the date of the certificate/letter
    • Major subject
    • Contact information of the university
    • Stamp and signature of the university official

Should I send originals or copies of my degree certificate, transcript of records and work certificates?

You should send only certified copies of all the documents, please do not send any original documents as they cannot be returned to you after the application process. If your application is successful you will then be asked to show the original documents upon beginning your studies.

Can I use the same supporting documents with which I have applied in the previous application round or should I send new ones?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the same supporting documents in two separate application rounds, but you will need to submit new documents for each application and application round. No documents can be returned to the applicant after the application round, so do not send any original documents.

What if my supporting documents are not in English?

All supporting documents must be submitted either in Finnish, Swedish or English. If any of your supporting documents are not in one of these languages, then an officially certified translation must be sent, along with a certified copy of the original document. Please see country-specific requirements.

Can I get my supporting documents back after I apply?

No. Supporting documentation will not be returned to applicants after the application process is complete. According to Faculty regulations, the university is required to keep the completed applications on file. For this reason, do not send any original documents!

Submitting the Application

How do I submit my application documents?

The application form itself is to be submitted online.

In addition, you should send the required enclosures by mail to University Admissions Finland. The mailing address is:
University Admissions Finland
Unioninkatu 40 C
FI-00170 Helsinki

Alternatively, you can leave the documents in the UAF's mailbox. The mailbox is located at Unioninkatu 40 C, on the corner of Unioninkatu and Yrjö-Koskisen katu. You can access the mailbox at all times, but do note that if you are cutting it close to the deadline, you need to leave your application documents in the mailbox by 15.00 (GMT+2). All application enclosures left in the mailbox after 15.00 (GMT+2) will be considered to have arrived the following business day.

Is it enough if I send the application enclosures by postal mail by the application deadline?

No, it is not enough to send the application package then. To be considered, the application enclosures need to arrive at University Admissions Finland by postal mail by the application deadline. Otherwise the application is considered late and will not be processed at all.

Please make sure that you reserve enough time for the enclosures to arrive at University Admissions Finland on time. If you are in doubt of having enough time, please use a courier service (such as DHL, TNT or Fedex) to speed up the process.

If you use a courier service, please write down University Admissions Finland’s phone number +358 (0)9 191 23528 on the courier shipping slip.

If my application documents will not arrive by post until after the application deadline, can I send the documents by fax/email so that is in time for the deadline?

Only documents sent by postal mail and received at the latest by the deadline will be considered in the application process. Do not send any document via fax/email! For this reason, please make sure that you send your application well in advance. You may also use a courier service to ensure your application arrives on time. In that case, please also mark down the visiting address and the phone number of the University Admissions Finland.

Please note however, that University Admissions Finland accepts official electronic transcripts (e-transcripts) from several recognized sources. 

How will University Admissions Finland evaluate the application documents, i.e. degree certificates etc.?

University Admissions Finland will evaluate your eligibility and the authenticity of your educational certificates. This includes e.g. contacting your previous educational institution and your language test organiser. Any malpractice will be reported to the universities and proper authorities.

Also if any malpractice is detected at any later stage of the application process, the programme can reject your application although it has passed the UAF evaluation. It is always the university and the programme who makes the final decision concerning the acceptance of an applicant.

Cost of studies

Are there any tuition fees in the programme?

Please see: tuition fees & scholarships

Student Union fee

The membership fee for the Student Union is compulsory for all degree students aiming at a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Exchange, visiting and doctoral level students may join the Student Union, if they wish.

The Student Union membership fee entitles students, for example, to use the services of the Student Health Centre (YTHS) (Bachelor's and Master's level students only) and to various discounts and benefits.

How much does it cost to live in Jyväskylä and Finland?

Students must be able to pay for their food, housing, transport, study materials, and other costs. The average living expenses of a single student amounts to approximately 700 EUR per month including rent. The rent in the student apartments is around 220-350 EUR/month (in academic year 2017-2018). NB: You should not count on getting a job in Finland to finance your studies. 

In order to receive a residence permit for studies, you need to prove that you have a minimum of 6720 euros at your disposal per one year. The residence permit for studies is usually granted for one year at a time. So if your studies take two years, after one year you have to apply for an extension to your residence permit. With both applications, you need to attach a bank statement or equivalent proof that you have 6720 euros.  

Please see: cost of living

Are there any scholarships available for international students?

Please see: tuition fees & scholarships

National and international scholarships

Previous studies

If my previous studies are not related to X field of study, can I still apply to the programme?

Yes, you may certainly apply to the programme. The relevance of your previous studies is only one of many criteria considered in the selection process and if your previous studies are not very relevant you may make up for this with you interest or experience in the field.

Practical issues

How can I find accommodation?

There are many options for student housing. Find more information about Accommodation for degree students.

How to proceed with the residence permit?

The residence permit must be applied through the Finnish Immigration Service. For one year of residence you will need to have 6,720 euros available. Please see details about the residence permit from the Finnish Immigration Service.

Can I study part-time?

Master's programmes require full-time study.

Do you offer programmes as distance learning?

All our programmes include contact teaching and require the presence of students on our campus.

Can I start the programme in the Autumn or Spring term?

All selected applicants are asked to begin their studies in the Autumn term, preferably arriving in Finland at the beginning of September.

Can I defer the beginning of my studies?

According to the law, after being accepted into the programme a student can postpone the beginning of his/her studies due to the following reasons:

  • he/she is completing compulsory military service (1438/2007) or non-military service (1446/2007), or women’s voluntary military service (194/1995)
  • he/she is on maternity, paternity or parental leave
  •  he/she is incapable of starting his/her studies due to an illness or an injury

Can I get previous studies, internships, work experience or other competences accepted as part of my degree?

Getting previous studies accepted as part of your degree is possible in some cases. This applies however only, when they have not been included in your previous degrees and when it can be shown that the study contents are in line with the courses that you seek to get accredited by these studies.The official university guidelines for recognition of prior learning can be found here.