Degree Structure

Below is the degree structure of the MSc in Cognitive Computing and Collective Intelligence

Compulsory Core Studies:

TIES4910 Deep Learning for Cognitive Computing: Theory, 5 ECTS

ITKS5440 Semantic Web and Linked Data, 5 ECTS

TIES4560 SOA and Cloud Computing, 5 ECTS

TIES438 Big Data Engineering, 5 ECTS

TIES4530 Collective Intelligence and Agent Technology, 5 ECTS

TIES4580 Self-Assessment on Study Progress, 0 ECTS

TIES4570 Cognitive Service Development Project, 15 ECTS

TIES501 Seminar, 3 ECTS

TIES502 Master's Thesis, 30 ECTS   

TIES503 Maturity Test, 0 ECTS


Elective Major Subject Studies:

TIES4911 Deep Learning for Cognitive Computing for Developers, 5 ECTS

TIES4520 Semantic Technologies for Developers, 5 ECTS

TIES4371 Interface of Things, 5 ECTS

TIES454 Agent Technologies for Developers, 5 ECTS


Other Optional Studies:

TIES481 Simulations, 5 ECTS

TIES445 Data Mining, 5 ECTS

TIES410 Future Internet, 5 ECTS

ITKS557 Cross-Cultural and Context Computing, 2 - 6 ECTS

TIEJ607 Research Ethics, 2 ECTS


Language Studies:

XSU0005 Suomi 1, 5 ECTS

XENX009 Integrated Research Communication, 5 ECTS