Student Experiences

Even though SportPro is a new programme (first intake was in September 2017), we have a 10-year history in two separate Master's programmes; Sport Management and Health Promotion and Sport and Exercise Psychology. Some of our former students share here their experiences about studying with us.


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Betelihem, Ethiopia, 2015-2017

"If you are looking for a well-rounded educational setting that provides an insight to the history, development and influences of global sport policies, sport organizations, and sport events in the sport sector, Sport Management and Health Promotion at JYU is perfect fit for you. In addition to research-based theoretical courses the program also provides multiple practical courses that encourage students to apply their knowledge into field work. For example, we were responsible to organize the annual JYU international student floorball tournament (aka Moose Cup) which had more than 200 participants, 10 sponsors and raised donations for local Red Cross. In another course we also did a collaborative work with local sport clubs (basketball, floorball, Bandy) to find sustainable fashion to increase spectator attendance at the home games. The program also has great Winter and Summer schools which introduced us to the Finnish sport culture and tips on how to survive winter. These are great opportunities that helped us to further develop our leadership skills, networking, presentation, critical thinking, research skills, time management, collaborative work etc. Honestly I was able to make the best of this program because I was fortunate to study and grow along side with classmates, staff and faculty who soon became friends and families. The program provides an international classroom setting (our group had people from seven countries and from three continents) which has significant influences in our understanding of sport as a global phenomena. Now I am preparing to start my PhD at the University of Bern, Switzerland, and I owe it to this program!"

Thierry, Switzerland/Canada, 2014-2016

"Sport, travelling, and interacting with people from a wide range of cultures have been part of my life since I was born. The EMSEP program (Sport and Exercise Psychology predecessor to this program) allowed me to bring all of these aspects of my life into my formal education. The chance to study in multiple countries, meet professors and peers from around the world, and develop my own path to follow has given me the confidence and motivation to continue my journey in academia. I am now enrolled in a PhD program in Canada, and the grounding I received through the numerous research and practical type courses in the program has made me feel at ease with the move. A highlight of this program is its focus on different forms of collaborative work. The inclusion of individual, partnered, and group assignments helped me develop a variety of communication and team building skills. The lasting effect of this program will always be with me as I made life-long friends who will always be a strong presence in my life."

Umut, Turkey, 2013-2016

"Doing my master’s in sport and exercise psychology at JYU shaped my worldview and future beyond sport and exercise. The international, student-centered and supportive environment helped me step out of my comfort zone to explore the ever-changing world out there. Recently I’ve had the chance to pursue my zest for mindfulness in sport at the Australian Institute of Sport as a PhD student, thanks to my discovery of the topic back at JYU. For me, it was all about great memories, genuine people and harsh yet fantastic nature. I wish I could go back in time and experience it all again..."

Brian, Ireland, 2007-2009

“I think I was able to take a lot from this programme. Whilst some of the theoretical courses were interest­ing, which allowed me to understand better current is­sues in the sports sector, I particularly enjoyed more practical courses which the programme offers, especially courses in sports planning and sports events. These courses al­lowed me to use skills which are common in the work place, such as intercultural commu­nication, presentations, time management and leadership skills and delegation. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere in our group and made a lot of friends from all over the world.”

Ma Dan, China, 2005-2007

“Through the studies I have gained plenty of knowledge of both European and American sporting cultures. I have been reading quite much but also learned a great deal from my classmates who come from various parts of the world. I am now able to combine many fields of study with sports, e.g. media, art, law and economics. This has opened my eyes to understand the broadness of the field and build my own unique career within it.

I have certainly improved my communication skills, both in English and Finnish. Moreover, my independent studying skills have improved through reading a lot of literature for the courses and making my own interpretations on the topics and, finally, linking this theory into practice. We have also had to give many presentations during the studies, and the feedback we have been giving and getting on these skills, has helped me tremendously in getting more courage and confidence in performing in front of an audience. Last, but not least, the many group work tasks have helped me in learning to share my opinions with the others, acquiring intercultural interaction skills and applying theory into practice.”