Student exchange

The University of Jyväskylä is pleased to welcome you to study with us for a semester or two as an exchange student. The information on these pages is designed to walk you through our online application process and offer you information on the services available to exchange students.

How to apply

Application deadlines

  • 15 May for the autumn semester/academic year (application period begins on 15 March)
  • 1 November for the spring semester (application period begins on 1 September for bilateral, Becas Chile and FIRST applicants and on 15 September for Erasmus+ and Nordplus applicants)

Courses for exchange students

The University of Jyväskylä offers a variety of courses in English for exchange students.


You can apply for student accommodation as part of the online application which should be completed by 15 May / 1 November. >> Read more about accommodation

Studying and living in Jyväskylä

You can prepare for your exchange period by reading more about studying and living in Jyväskylä on our website.

Contact us

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