Research and development

Does your organisation have a challenge but you lack the resources to investigate and solve it? Or do you need support implementing a research and development project?

As part of their studies, University students realise diverse projects and thesis work which can be tailored to meet the needs of employers. What are the benefits of projects or final thesis work with students? You receive new, unbiased and grounded information and concrete suggestions to develop your organisation. You benefit from new perspectives and innovations with an outside-the-box attitude. You get a contact to the University and its experts and you can effortlessly get familiar with your potential future employees. You can also benefit from new resources: skilled students can analyse and solve issues for which the organisation has no time or exact expertise.

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Student project

A thesis or a project?

A thesis

> is usually an independent, academic work

> is carried out under the supervision of an expert of the academic field

> has a flexible schedule, often jointly negotiable


A student project

> is usually group work

> is carried out as part of a course with the support of an expert teacher

> has a predefined schedule, the start and end of the work are clearly outlined


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