Case City of Jyväskylä Sports, Health and Well-Being

Team project introduction

Team Tommi: (Hao Zhang, Amir Sultanbekov, Ekaterina Lukyanchikova, Anna Semenova, Hyerim Yoo, Nhu Hoang)

Our client, Kari Hallinen is in charge of Hippos2020 project, which aims to build a sport and well-being center in the city of Jyväskylä. Our project work was to figure out excellences of four research institutions in Jyväskylä that will closely cooperate with Hippos2020 – JYU, JAMK, LIKES and KIHU – for the promotion of Hippos2020. The method we employed was conducting interviews. We interviewed researchers in four institutions as well as several local students. Through interviews we could get insights about research excellences of those four institutions that are related to sport and well-being area. The excellences of JYU research were aging and healthcare-related research; for JAMK, excellences were applied research, development and innovation in health, and business services; KIHU is Olympic sports institution, which was good at coaching elite athletes, coaching support and training especially in cross country skiing, and collaboration with the Olympic Committee; LIKES aims to promote health, and focuses their research on physical activity, sedentary behavior for health promotion. They also study about policies and practical applications regarding health promotion. With these excellences, we were able to come up with possible promotion and collaboration opportunities as a result, which our client was very satisfied with.