Case Heart of Jyväskylä

Our project was part of the Heart of Jyväskylä project, a collaboration of Business Jyväskylä and local cultural facilities. The aim is to develop the activities of these cultural institutions and to find a new location. One of the ideas is to place the facilities under the same roof in a centralized cultural institution.

Since the purpose of the development of the cultural facilities is to attract more visitors and to enable them to encounter culture in various ways, the opinion of the citizens is of peculiar interest. The objective of our team was, therefore, to engage the young target group and explore their broad understanding of culture.

The data was collected through workshops and pop-up events in different educational and youth institutions around the city. Discussions and surveys were used to find out about the youth’s opinion, including concrete ideas for the new cultural center. According to the client, the results are valuable and useful for the ongoing project and the future development of the city.