Case Te?ted Oy

Team: Alessia Lee (JYU), Marco Calderini (JYU), Thanh Tiet (JYU), Amaya Hundal (JAMK), Faith Kariuki (JAMK) (In the photo there are also Leona Gilbert and Kunal Garg from Te?ted, and Reija Häkinen and Muru Linjala from University of Jyväskylä Career Services)

We are a highly multidisciplinary team comprising expertise in digital marketing, environmental sciences, business, marketing, applied linguistics, and communication.

Our assigned client for this project was Te?ted Oy, a medical device manufacturing company who are revolutionizing the way tick-borne diseases are diagnosed with their product Tickplex - a diagnostic test-kit that screens for multiple microbes and disease stages simultaneously that serves to prevent misdiagnosis and undiagnosed cases thereby expediting treatment and recovery for the patients.

We produced content that could be shared and showcased on their website and social media channels to raise awareness and disseminate information about tick-borne diseases and highlight the advantages of their product to give them greater global visibility with a view to reach and expand to new markets.

Our project deliverables included; infographics, educational materials corroborated by scientific research, footage and scripts for a promotional video, an informational pamphlet to be distributed at conferences and other events and an accompanying comprehensive marketing strategy.