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URAP002 Creating Careers - Develop your career skills, 1 ECTS

Would you like to understand better the mechanisms of modern working life and develop knowledge and skills required when searching for work? The course gives you basic information on employment, search for work and working life. The themes of the lectures include, for example, the Finnish working culture, internship, employment and self-employment, writing of a CV and the productization of your competence. Participants can select lectures from the course program according to personal interests. You can start the course at any time by registering in Korppi, but it must be fully completed during the term autumn 2018, no later than Fri 14th December 2018.

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URAJ001 Creating Careers for Doctoral Students, 1 ECTS

The course opens up the current working life phenomena and helps develop the understanding and know-how required for job search. The course provides information on employment, job search and working life. The themes of the course are approached from both the point of view of the general working life information and especially the useful working life information for PhD students. The course consists of two modules (General working life information and Working life information for PhD). Participants can start the course at any time by registering in Korppi, but it must be fully completed no later than 31st January, 2019.

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URAA1001 Team&Client -multidisciplinary business project course

Do you want to be part of the multicultural and multidisciplinary team implementing a development project for a real client, practice your project and teamwork skills and network with students in other fields?

Team&Client -course is an elective professional course to learn to work in a project and implement this knowledge in practice. Preliminary information (recommendation): Intermediate studies in the major subject. Work load will be about 135 hours (approximately 12 hours per week, workload higher in the beginning of the course).

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