Erasmus work placement application procedure

Planning and searching for the work placement

It is your responsibility to find a suitable work placement, so start looking for the placement as early as possible. Most students find the work placement by contacting the employer directly. The staff at your department may have good tips on potential employers, so please talk with them. Also, you may find the various job databases available on the web  useful.

In order to succeed in getting the work placement you are interested in, invest some time into preparing a good CV and cover letter. >> Europass CV template

Training agreement and contract of employment

The work placement must to be fully recognized by the home department, so contact your department in order to make sure this is the case.

Next, conclude a Erasmus+ Learning agreement for traineeships  which is to be signed by the student, employer and the home department. The Learning Agreement includes information e.g. on the agreed tasks, training period, aims and recognition. The Learning Agreement should be signed and returned to the Career Services well in advance before the work placement period begins. Also, when applying for an extension of the work placement period, the Career Services should be contacted well in advance before the start of the desired extension period.

Conclude also a separate contract of employment with your employer according to the legislation of the host country.

Pre-departure checklist and orientation

Please see the pre-departure checklist for advice on what to do before the work placement period begins. Also, take part in a pre-departure orientation which is arranged twice a year for students going to study or do a work placement abroad.


Students participating in non-paid work placements are insured by the University of Jyväskylä. The insurance covers accidents at the workplace and during commutes, however, not during the journey from Finland to the host country or vice versa, and if a student is participating in Erasmus+ work placements the JYU insurance covers liability insurance as well. Students in paid internships should be insured by the employer. Please check from your employer if this is the case. Insurance for your free time, belongings etc. should be obtained by the student.

Erasmus scholarship

After the Learning Agreement has been signed and returned to the Career Services, please fill in and sign a Grant agreement for Erasmus+ work placements  and return it to the Career Services. 

Testing of language skills and language training

Students studying or working abroad through the Erasmus+ programme are required to complete an online language proficiency test (OLS) before and after their work placement period abroad. If the main working language during your exchange/work placement is English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, Danish and Czech), you are required to complete the language proficiency test. The language proficiency test is used to assess the need for language training and to measure the development in language skills during the exchange period. Students whose native language is the main working language of the exchange/internship are exempted from the language proficiency test.

The first part of the online language proficiency test should be completed before the beginning of your exchange period and the second part after your exchange. You will receive an invitation to the online language proficiency test through e-mail before your exchange period. It takes about 45-60 minutes to complete the test. After finishing the test you will receive information regarding your language competence level which is evaluated according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (levels A1-C1). The University of Jyväskylä will also receive the results of your language test. The receiving institution will neither get the results of your language test nor can your exchange be cancelled based on your test results.

After finishing your language proficiency test you can take part in an optional online language course. You may follow a language course in the main working language during your exchange/work placement or in the language of the host country. If your language proficiency test result is B1 or lower, you will be automatically invited to the online language course. However, It is advisable for all those students to take part in the language course whose language proficiency test result is below level C2. The language courses are online and they comprise of reading and hearing comprehension modules and grammar and vocabulary exercises. The language courses are held by teachers who are native speakers in the language in question. The level of the course is determined according to your language proficiency test result. The live parts of the language courses begin every third week. The language courses in Czech, Portuguese, Polish, Greek, Danish and Swedish are available from the spring 2016 onwards.

If you want to participate in an online language course, inform the Career Services by sending e-mail to annamari.rovamo(a) after you have completed the online language proficiency test. Please let us know the language in which you wish to complete the language course.

Changes to your Erasmus period

The work placement period should be verified afterwards with a Traineeship Certificate. 

If you shorten your work placement period, you are required to pay back your scholarship according to the monthly/daily rate. If your work placement period is lengthened by at least 14 days, you are entitled to an additional scholarship. To get the additional scholarship you are required to contact the JYU Career Services at least 30 days before the new scholarship period begins. Scholarship is not paid for extension periods of less than 14 days.

After the placement period

  • Return a Traineeship Certificate (a part of Learning Agreement) signed by your employer to the Career Services within a month after your internship has ended.
  • Answer the EU Survey in the European Commission's Mobility Tool system after your work placement period
  • Complete a language proficiency test in the electronic OLS system
  • Credits for the work placement are not transferred automatically to your JyU degree. After your work placement period has ended, please contact the department towards the studies of which the work placement should be included.