University's travel grant

Travel grants and accessibility grants for practical training abroad

The University of Jyväskylä (JyU) awards travel grants for practical training abroad (outside Finland). The travel grants may also include accessibility grants. The traineeship should be counted towards your JyU degree.

The size of the grant, varying between 700 and 2000 euros, depends chiefly on the location. The grant application can be submitted prior to the period abroad after the training placement has been confirmed, or during the training period. To be able to apply during the training period the practical training has to last to the application deadline day. However, the grant cannot be applied for retrospectively after the practical training has been completed. If the student also applies for an accessibility grant, applications for both the travel grant and the accessibility grant must be submitted after the training placement has been confirmed but prior to the training period. The travel grant and the related accessibility grant may be awarded only once during studies. The travel grant is for the internationalisation of students so return to the home country cannot be considered. The travel grant cannot be awarded for internships in student's home country.

Application period

Application deadline is Thu. May 2, 2019. The application period for this grant is arranged twice a year. Application deadlines are May 2 and November 1 or previous weekdays. The applicants will be informed about the scholarships in May and in November. The call for applications will be published at the web site of the Career Services and through departmental student email lists.

Requirements for awarding the travel grant

  • the applicant is a JyU degree student (at Bachelor- or Master-level) who has acquired a practical training placement abroad. Student who is complementing his/her degree after graduation cannot apply for the travel grant. 
  • JyU department / faculty will award credits for the practical training
  • the practical training lasts for at least two full months (for example 1.5.-30.6. or 15.5.-14.7.) and meets the requirements of students own department/faculty
  • the applicant does not receive salary or any other financial support for the training the level of which exceeds 1000€/month

If the travel grant cannot be awarded to all applicants, the faculties shall place their students in order of preference based on the following criteria: language competence in the main language of internship, salary or other financial support, timing of internship into a relevant phase of studies, academic grounds and learning outcomes for the internship, credits per semester and academic success.

Please, note that if your destination is an European country and if you eligible to apply for the Erasmus+ scholarship, you cannot apply for the travel grant. You have to apply for Erasmus+ scholarship.

Required attachments

  • confirmation of the practical training placement from the employer, including information on the length of the practical training (start and ends dates), eventual salary and other benefits (e.g. free housing) and the destination country and city.
  • proof of language skills
  • statement of the reasons for practical training abroad and estimated expenditure of the training period (e.g. travel and accommodation expenses)
  • statement from the department / faculty on credits to be awarded for the training
  • consent to individual liability during the training from
  • payment of grant form

After the training period, the student must provide the University with a certificate signed by the representative of the employer on the actual duration of the practical training.

Information about possible other grants awarded to the applicant or other grant applications pending must be provided in the application.

Ensure the safety of your destination from the travel information of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. Travel grants are not allowed for traveling to risk countries. If after awarding the travel grant the security situation deteriorates in your destination, you may be asked to refund the grant.

The size of the travel grant in Europe
Erasmus+ countries (Erasmus+ countries) 700€
Rest of Europe and Russia west of Ural     900€

The size of the travel grant outside of Europe

The size of the grant will be calculated with the help of European Comission’s distance calculator.
Destinations with travel distance from Jyväskylä up to 3999 km     1300€
Destinations with travel distance from Jyväskylä 4000-7999 km     1800€
Destinations with travel distance from Jyväskylä 8000 km or more 2000€

Accessibility grant

Accessibility grant applicants must meet all the travel grant requirements specified above. The accessibility grant is intended to enable international practical training when adjustment to an injury, impairment, illness, learning difficulty or other similar reason causes additional training costs.

In total 5 accessibility grants are available in this application round. A maximum accessibility grant is EUR 4000 (on the basis of the verified additional costs of accessibility).

Accessibility grants are allowed using the following criteria:

  • How committed the student is to his/her studies?
  • How the practical training fits in the study plan of the student?
  • How the student has succeeded in his/her studies?

Attachments for the accessibility grant application

  • The accessibility grant application form 2016–2017 for practical training abroad
  • A medical certificate or other statement of an expert
  • A statement of the department/faculty for the accessibility grant application

In addition, information about possible other grants awarded to the applicant or other grant applications pending must be provided in the application.

Application forms


Grant applications for practical training (including the required attachments) shall be submitted to Ms. Annamari Rovamo, Career Specialist (tel. +358 50 376 1198, T building, room T250).

Application process

The scholarships will be awarded by the Director of Student and Academic Services of the University, based on the proposal by the Student and Academic Services. The decisions are based on the application documents and the data provided, so compiling the application with care is important. Please note that according to the University Act (558/2009, Section 84 /1) the decisions on grants may not be appealed against.

Further information

For further information on the practical training grants, please contact Annamari Rovamo (tel. 050 376 1198, email: annamari.rovamo(a)

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