Support for job search

Communicating jobs to students

TEP/jobs recruitment service

TEP/Jobs is a recruitment service, where employers advertise open job positions, internship opportunities, and thesis topics (note: most of the listed job advertisements are written in Finnish and/or positions require Finnish language skills!)


Further information:
Career Specialist Jari Penttilä, +358 40 024 7676, jari.t.penttila(at)


Tailoring your CV

A job application is the most important part of job search. Usually there are many applicants and only few of them are selected for an interview. Career Services can help you to polish your application letter to stand out from the crowd!

Proceed as follows: write your job application (application letter + CV) in advance. Submit it to Career Services and agree on a personal session for a CV workshop or ask for written feedback on your application. You may also send only the CV or the application letter. Please attach the job advertisement if you wish to tailor your application for a certain job.

For whom? All students pursuing for a Master’s or postgraduate degree or ones graduated no longer than a month ago.

CV tailoring services are offered by:
Career Specialist Annamari Rovamo, +358 50 376 1198, annamari.rovamo[at], Room T250
Humanities, Education and Social Sciences

Career Specialist Jari Penttilä, +358 40 024 7676, jari.t.penttila(at), Room T251
Information Technology, Mathematics and Science, School of Business and Economics, Sport and Health Sciences

Job search

Are you about to graduate soon? Do you know what kind of work you could apply for, or how to approach employers? Come and discuss with a career specialist about the matters that puzzle you most when you are graduating and searching for work from your own field of expertise.

For whom? Master’s degree or postgraduate students in the graduation phase and ones graduated no longer than one month ago. You are considered to be in the graduation phase when you have no more than twelve months of studies left.

Support for job search is offered by:
Career Specialist Annamari Rovamo, +358 50 376 1198, annamari.rovamo[at], Room T250

Services for international students at the local (TE-office) Employment and Economic Development Office

 See also Guide to Job-seeking

International Degree Student (IDS) email-list and Facebook

Career Services uses International degree student IDS-list to inform international students about  working life studies and other matters related to working life and job search. We also post job related issues to International Degree Students' Facebook.

Contact to working life

Do you wish to meet employers? Career Services familiarises students with working life, employers and entrepreneurs during their studies. We arrange various courses and events in which students can become acquainted with representatives from working life. We regularly bring employers to the busiest areas of the campus to tell about their business. In these events you have a great chance to actively introduce yourself and discuss about matters you wish to know more about. We also arrange field-specific tailored events to which students are invited according to the theme.