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Come along and become a client for a multicultural business project hosted by the University of Jyväskylä! As a client you will have at your service a student team, which will delve into a developmental challenge of your organisation, crossing the traditional borders of specific subject fields. You may get surprised and gain entirely new insights for your advantage – the kind of ideas you might not find out otherwise. Next course will start on February 2019!

What is it about?

The multicultural business project is a study module provided by the University of Jyväskylä since 2011. This module is available for Master's degree programme students of the University and also for the students of JAMK University of Applied Sciences in bachelor's degree programmes who are looking for specialization studies.

The course is arranged three times a year (in Periods 1, 3 and 5) in Finnish (Tiimi&Työnantaja on May, September) and in English (Team&Client on February). During the project term of about 3.5 months, the project teams composed of students from different fields engage in their client’s developmental challenges and carry out, in collaboration with the client, a project to solve them.

Such developmental challenges tackled in earlier projects have dealt with, for example, increasing the visibility of a company by enhanced marketing, enabling international growth by means of various investigations, and creating new prototypes for R&D. The projects have yielded concrete and diverse outcomes for the clients: logos, presentation videos, webpages, market and customer surveys, and even entirely new products and services.

Student teams’ expertise has been utilised by companies, associations and many other organisations from different fields. Earlier clients include, for example, the PS-kustannus book publisher, the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea, and SolarCleantec, a company specialised in solar energy. You can find the descriptions of all projects carried out in Finnish here, and those in English since spring 2017 here.


Through a Team&Client project:

  • You get at your service a team of future professionals to solve demanding problems and challenges in your organisation
  • You can collaborate with a high-standard university
  • You can acquire up-to-date knowledge and expertise from students from different fields and thereby find new perspectives for the development of your organisation
  • You can find a recruitment channel for hiring students

The study module has benefitted the clients in the following ways:


“The project we carried out with the project team gave a positive boost in clarifying our mission. It was great to have a group from outside our organisation to produce readily applicable material for marketing amidst our busy autumn.” – Humap Oy, Hanna Liimatainen


“For the client, a student project is an easy way to accomplish a particular topic. Our project progressed smoothly, as project training for the students has obviously been successful and they were very ready for customer work.” – Niilo Mäki Institute, Paula Salmi and Hanna Pöyliö


“The project clearly exceeded the objectives set for it! As a client, we are highly satisfied with our new website, and the quality of the project outcomes is well up to the standard of any local digital agency.” – RecoApp Oy, Markus Mäntynen

It’s definitely worthwhile to take advantage of the students’ skills and knowledge and put this resource into good use! Who knows if among them might be suitable employees for your company as well?


Costs: Administration fee (€400 - 800 + VAT 24%) plus possible reimbursements for costs and expenses to students (e.g. necessary travel or printing costs), but no separate rewards to students are paid.

Starting: The next projects will be launched in February 2019. Contact the study module supervisors by phone or email and make an appointment for a meeting. In the meeting, the current needs of your organisation will be charted and ideas for your prospective project will be outlined. In terms of clients, we appreciate diversity and warmly welcome various types of companies, associations and other organisations!

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