For students

Do you wish to develop your professional skills and build networks with students from different fields? Do you wish for practically oriented learning and new contacts to the world of work? Apply for the Team&Client project course latest on Jan 13, 2019!

The Team&Client project course (URAA1001 5 ECTS credits) is a practically oriented study module, within which a multidisciplinary team carries out a development project for a real client. 

The application period ended 13th January.

Thank you for the applications. We will soon inform the applicants!

The course is targeted at JYU and JAMK students. All students in international master’s degree programmes at the University of Jyväskylä and students in bachelor's degree programmes in JAMK University of Applied Sciences who are looking for specialization studies can apply for the course. The course is primarily intended for foreign degree students. Preliminary information (recommendation): Intermediate studies in the major subject.

The Team&Client project courses will start in periods 3 and 5, and will last for 3 months. English-language projects will take place mostly in spring, but – depending on the assignments defined by clients – are possible in the other periods as well. ECTS credits will be determined by the working hours spent on the project work. In order to complete the course, you must be able to work for the project at least 10 hours per week. Workload will be higher in the beginning of the course, altogether about 135 hours.

The supervisors of this study module select the students for the course on the basis of applications. The supervisors also arrange the students into teams so that the members will have relevant and applicable competence with regard to each client’s assignment. The selection criteria arise from the preliminary assignment defined by the client, the competences needed to fulfil it, and possible other wishes of the client. The clients may be, for example, local companies, associations and public sector organisations. The teams can influence the orientation of the assignments according to their own competences and interests.

NB: You should not register for the course yourself in Korppi or Asio. Students selected to the course will be added to the course in Korppi and Asio by course managers. The student selection for the course will be communicated on Jan 16, 2019.

See here what projects have been carried out in previous years.

Your own team and the project guidelines will be specified at the beginning of the course.

The study module includes:

  •    A preliminary assignment and a personal writing task and Initial lectures (deadline Jan 31st)
  •    Introductory lectures on Feb 4th-5th the at 14.15- 17.45 (compulsory attendance)       
  •    Project implementation
  •    Team’s joint writing tasks (project plan, interim and final reports)
  •    Midterm project meeting on March 21st at 14.15-15.45 (compulsory attendance)
  •    The final seminar on April 25th at 14.15-15.45 (compulsory attendance)
  •    Guidance discussions with the team leader scheduled separately
  •    Meetings with the client scheduled separately

Preliminary assignments, initial lectures, launching the project = 1 ECTS, carrying out the project = 4 ECTS. You will get the preliminary assignment upon receiving the notification about your admittance to the course. Be prepared to do the assignment before the course starts!

  •     You will have an opportunity to gain unique work experience of expert work
  •     You will have a chance to apply your current competences in various work tasks
  •     You will get a better insight as regards what kind of work tasks your education is applicable to
  •     You will learn to recognise and market your own expertise
  •     Your project management skills will improve
  •     Your networks will grow larger and you will get to learn new things from students in other fields
  •     You will receive a project certificate, which you can use when seeking a job


“Working with a real client was new to me, but it was perhaps the most rewarding experience in the whole course.” – A student of Social Sciences

“This course gave me really a lot of self-confidence and trust in that I can manage in today’s demanding professional settings, working together with different people.” – A student of Information Systems Science

“The course prompted me to think of different occupational options and possible ways to apply my own skills and knowledge.” – A student of Humanities

“This project gave me new kind of courage to plan and implement things. I gained self-confidence and performance experience as well as new acquaintances. I definitely recommend this course to everyone!” – A student of Social Sciences

The application form is available till Jan, Sunday 13rd. The form asks you to describe briefly who you are, what competences you have, what new things you would like to learn, and why you wish to participate in a multicultural business project. Based on the applications, the students selected to the course will also be divided into student teams to carry out the projects. It is therefore worthwhile to invest in filling out the application form and express your own competences and interests clearly.

Nearly always there are more applicants to this course than what can be taken in, so you should point out credibly why you, in particular, would be an excellent choice!

After completing the course you will be able to:

  • Identify your competence in project-based and multicultural teamwork
  • Know the principles of the project work
  • Work as a member in a project team
  • Set goals, prepare project plan, assess time-management and workloads, implement project and present its results to the client and peer group

Completion methods

  • Advance online assignment based on project management online self-study material (before initial lectures)
  • Introductory lectures (compulsory attendance)
  • Active participation in project work (team plans the timetable with client)
  • Mid-term meeting (tba)
  • Teamwork presentation to the client (tba)
  • Closing seminar (compulsory attendance)
  • Individual learning report, project plan, midterm report and final project report (with the team)

Required attendance rate 80%.