URAA1001 Team&Client -multicultural business project course has executed development projects for real clients since year 2011 in Finnish, and since 2016 as a result of EU -funded PROCEED! -project also in English. All in all the English course realization has executed 16 cases which have been carried out by about 80 international students.

Read more about project cases carried out in Finnish from here.


Spring 2019 | Spring 2018 | Spring 2017 | Spring 2016 

  Spring 2019

Case Heart of Jyväskylä

In case the Heart of Jyväskylä, the aim was to develop the activities of these cultural institutions and to find a new location. Read more!

Case Stresstech

In the case Stresstech, the objectives of the project were to research markets in different countries, identify potential customers for the company and come up with marketing ideas. Read more!

Case Te?ted

In case Te?ted, the team produced content that could be shared and showcased on their website and social media channels to raise awareness and disseminate information about tick-borne diseases. Read more!


Case Tavinsulka

The team worked on a marketing strategy for attracting more customers to Tavinsulka, with a focus on the preseason (April-June). The major part of the project was about implementation. Read more!

Spring 2018

Case CoCampus

The team Phoenix considered what the international students of JYU and JAMK would expect from CoCampus and what they would hope from the career- and entrepreneurship -related studies, events and courses. Read more from the link!

Case City of Jyväskylä Sports, Health and Well-Being

The team considered how to transform the capabilities of the sports, health and well-being into practice. Read more from the link!

Spring 2017

Case Fysio Center Oy
International Team Estonia conducted a project which was assigned by Fysio Center Oy, The purpose of the project was to develop promotional long and short-term marketing strategies for the client. The team provided a marketing promotion campaign for a half-day seminar on work welfare, which was held in Estonia. Team also planned a survey and analysed the feedback after the seminar for the client.
Case Valmet Oyj
Team I.D.E.A.L. carried out a project assigned by Valmet Oyj ( The purpose of the project was to clarify for Valmet how other departments evaluate the role of procurement and what they think about their new Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) development. The team provided the client with an analysis of the role of procurement and the implementation of SRM in Valmet considered by the other departments. The team also considered the possible changes and improvements.
Case Koodain Solutions Oy
Team Niko actualized a project assigned by Koodain Solutions Oy ( The purpose of the project was to provide a market report about Long-Term Evolution (LTE) -based technologies in the context of Public Safety and Security (PSS). The team focused on the use of LTE in PSS mainly in Europe. The team provided the client an introduction of the current PSS technologies and the validation, limitation of and alternatives to LTE. They also analysed the main players in the field including their current work on LTE, devices, partners, competitors and network providers. Current regulations related to PSS technologies were also introduced and future regulations proposed.
Case NWB Finland Oy
Team Stefan carried out a project for NWB Finland Oy. The purpose of the project was to study consumer behaviour and attitude towards bottled water and whether they are willing to pay more for better quality product from NWB Finland in the markets of China, Japan, South Africa, Nigeria, and USA. The team was also responsible for locating local water bottle manufacturers for possible collaborating, the size of the local water markets, and through which channels and how to communicate correctly in local context.
Case HT Laser Oy
Team Tommi conducted a project for HT Laser Oy ( The purpose of the project was to analyze the markets, possible partners and suppliers both for HT Enerco and the biofuel boiler market in European region of Russian Federation, and for Alamarin Jet Oy (a daughter company of HT Enerco) and the maritime industry in Caspian and African markets. The Team provided HT Enerco with an analysis of the active competitors, existing dealers, market potential, possible marketing channels and possible partners in biofuel boiler market in European region of Russian Federation. The team also provided Alamarin Jet Oy with an overview of the used boats, local boat builder sand possible investment projects in maritime industry and analysed the existing suppliers, strong market players and possible partners in Caspian and African markets. 
Case Timmi Software Oy
Team Vastaus realized a project for Timmi Software Oy ( The purpose of the project was to conduct a market analysis for client’s patient care systems software focused on four Middle Eastern countries: Iran, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait and Qatar. The team analyzed market readiness for the product in terms of the existing legislation regarding personal data protection and use of online services, the culture in using IT -based systems, general attitudes towards e-services, demographics and budgetary information for healthcare and existence of patient care software in public hospitals. The team also identified possible partners from IT companies in the Middle East.

Spring 2016

University of Jyväskylä and JAMK University of Applied Sciences piloted a new course called Multicultural Business Project (MBP), where multicultural and multidisciplinary student teams carried out business projects with real clients. The MBP model was developed in the EU-funded PROCEED! -project that aimed to interconnect international university students and companies from Central Finland and join forces for responding to the challenges of internationalization. Pilot companies in the MBP course were CreaMentors Oy, East Consulting Oy, Kurikka Timber Oy, Kytola Instruments Oy, LH-Lift Oy, NaturVention Oy, Pisla Oy and TPA Andersson Oy.