Annual registration of doctoral students

Doctoral students (those pursuing studies towards a licentiate or doctoral degree) are to register for attendance or non-attendance by 31 July in the Korppi system.

Study units and credits can be registered only for students who have registered for attendance, and doctoral certificates can be awarded only to students who have registered for attendance or non-attendance. If a student does not intend to complete studies during the academic year, he/she may register for non-attendance.

New doctoral students

To register for the first time, a new doctoral student must complete the enrolment form the student has received with the admission letter and return it to the faculty. In addition to returning the enrolment form, a new doctoral student must login to the Korppi system via the link below and fill in basic information about the thesis.

After this, the student must register every year online in the Korppi system.

Registration in Korppi

Register at Alternatively, you can login to Korppi and select Studies - Postgraduate studies.

To register in Korppi, you need the following:

  • The right to pursue a doctoral degree, granted by one of the faculties of the University of Jyväskylä (requires that you have returned the enrolment form that you received with the admission letter). If you have questions about your study rights, please contact your faculty.
  • A user ID of the University of Jyväskylä. If you do not have a user ID, please contact the IT Services of the University. To acquire a user ID, you must return the enrolment form to the faculty and your student information must be entered into the study register. Doctoral students whose user ID is not valid anymore shall contact Admission and Student Services at in order to receive further instructions on how to activate the user ID.

Registration takes about 5 to 10 minutes. While registering in Korppi, you are asked to register or update your supervision document and to fill in a postgraduate questionnaire. Korppi will automatically send the entered registration information to your supervisors and persons in charge of doctoral studies.

Only information saved as public in Korppi are the name and a short description of the thesis and keywords that you enter in your thesis topic data. The rest of the information is visible only for your supervisors and persons in charge of doctoral studies.

You can use the registration link above to update your supervision document even after the registration period. Remember to update all changes in your personal data (e.g. email address) or basic information about the thesis (e.g. supervisors).

Registration guidelines

Registration instructions are sent by e-mail in the beginning of May July to all doctoral students who have been enrolled during the previous academic year. Detailed instructions for annual registration are available in the Korppi guide and in the Korppi video instructions.

Late registrations (after 31 July)

Doctoral students not registered for attendance or non-attendance by the given date will lose their right to study. When a student loses his/her right to study, his/her user ID to the University’s IT network expires, unless there is another reason for keeping the user ID valid (e.g. for staff members).

If a doctoral student who has lost the right to study because of not registering for attendance or non-attendance wishes to continue his/her studies later, the student must pay the re-entry fee of € 35 to the University’s bank account (Danske Bank) IBAN FI0489199710001078 with reference number 9942114 or in cash to the Soppi University Shop. The student should send a receipt of the payment (in the PDF or image file format) to the Admission and Student Services ( .

Registration certificate, Student Union membership fee and PhD student card

As a doctoral student you may, if you wish, do the following:

  • Request a free registration certificate in Finnish or English from Admission and Student Services.
  • Join the Student Unionby paying the Student Union membership fee. Please send the receipt of the payment to the Admission and Student Services (Admission and Student Services, P.O.Box 35, 40014 University of Jyväskylä). All doctoral students living in the Kortepohja Student Village are required to pay the Student Union membership fee. When paying the fee, please use the following information:
    • Amount: € 66 for the academic year 2017–2018, € 44 for the autumn semester 2017, € 44 for the spring semester 2018
    • Account holder: Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä
    • Reference: 07922
    • Bank: Nordea Bank Finland
    • Address: Aleksanterinkatu 36, Helsinki, FI-00020 Nordea
    • IBAN: FI30 1581 3000 0339 35
    • Apply for a PhD student card. A student may apply for a student card after the registration and the payment of the Student Union membership fee have been entered into the study register. All members of the Student Union, including doctoral students, are entitled to all services and guidance the Student Union offers. However, doctoral students are not entitled to the services of the FSHS (Finnish Student Health Service), student discounts on public transport or the meal subsidy of the Social Insurance Institution (Kela).