Cooperation under Erasmus+

The University of Jyväskylä has been an active participant in the Erasmus mobility programme since 1992-93. Throughout these years, Erasmus student exchange has remained a popular choice for JYU students who are interested in a study abroad period. During the recent years, the number of outgoing students has ranged between 230 and 250 students and we have received annually some 280-320 Erasmus students. For many years JYU has also been one of the most active HEI’s Finland in Erasmus teacher mobility with around 60 outgoing teaching visits annually. The number of Erasmus agreements is currently around 500.

JYU aims at maintaining an active Erasmus student mobility, encouraging new teachers to get involved in the teacher mobility, increasing student mobility for placements and developing the strategic use of staff training mobility. Rather than increasing the number of Erasmus bilateral agreements, JYU encourages its faculties and departments to evaluate and enhance the quality of the partnerships.