For partners

According to its current strategy for 2010 – 2017 the research‐based education of the University of Jyväskylä represents a content‐wise and pedagogically high quality level and prepares students for the increasingly international labour market, as well as for lifelong learning.
To promote these aims, JYU will, among other things
  • include a plan for internationalization in each student’s personal study plan
  • support the development of international competences of its staff
  • develop and maintain sustainable partnerships with top-level universities around the world

Key facts:

  • JYU has concluded bilateral cooperative agreements on university-level with some 60  institutions of higher education around the world
  • JYU participates actively in international exchange programmes, such as Erasmus (some 400 agreements), Nordplus, ISEP, Finnish-Russian programme and North-South- South HE programme
  • JYU hosts over 1 200 international students annually
  • JYU offers 12 international Master's degree programmes as well as a great variety of non-degree programmes and courses in English
  • JYU develops and implements joint degree programmes on Master and Doctoral level with selected partner universities
  • JYU is a partner in an Erasmus Mundus Action 2 Partnerships project EUSA_ID: Capacity building in higher education for an improved cooperation between the EU and SA in the field of Development Studies
  • JYU has a key role within Finnish higher education in development cooperation