Application deadlines

The study exchange application period usually takes place during the previous academic year.

The annual application periods are:

  • 1.10. - 1.11. - destinations outside Europe (bilateral and ISEP-exchange)
  • 15.1. - 15.2. - European destinations (Erasmus+, Nordlys)
  • 15.1. - 15.2. - Russian destinations (FIRST+) and potential additional application period to destinations outside Europe for the spring semester
  • May and December (the exact dates vary slightly each year) - Application for the university's travel grant for those who have obtained an internship independently takes place twice a year. Check the application dates from the application announcement.

Nordplus-exchange programs are independently coordinated by the departments, thus the application period varies from department to department. Please contact the departmental coordinators for further information.

The exchange application periods will be announced on the webpage of the International Office, via JYUsletter and departmental e-mail lists.