Application instructions

Application instructions for the student exchange programs of JYU

Application instructions for student exchange

The application for the majority of JYU exchange programs is done through the Mobility-Online application system:


Read about the selection and the selection criteria

Students of JYU who are liable to pay tuition fees

Please notice that all students need to register for attendance to JYU during a student exchange period. Thus, if you are liable to pay tuition fees for your studies at JYU, you also need to pay tuition fees to JYU during your student exchange. Please read more at Student exchange and internships of students liable to pay tuition fees.

Application to the host university

Most students nominated for an exchange have to fill out the host university's own application/registration form by the deadline given by the host university. You will receive more information on this after your exchange application has been approved. Some partner universities (mainly in North America) require proof of language skills through e.g. a specific language test (such as the English language TOEFL-test)

Cancellation of the exchange

You should apply for student exchange after careful consideration. However, if your life situation changes in such a way that you become unable to go for the exchange, you may cancel the exchange. You should contact the international coordinator about the cancellation as early as possible, so that the student potentially on the waiting list can be notified in time.

Attn! In line with the new safety policy of the university, the International Office observes the safety situation of the exchange destinations and when necessary, can recommend cancelling the exchange due to a deteriorated safety situation of the destination.