Complementary application round for Erasmus 2019-2020 now open!

Erasmus+ exchange in Europe 2019-2020

Complementary application round has started

Erasmus+ is your gateway to other European universities. Through Erasmus+ exchange programme you can complete 1-2 semester(s) abroad and include these courses in your JYU degree.

The complementary application period for 2018-2020 has started (for autumn 2019, spring 2020 or academic year 2019-2020).

For whom

Erasmus+ is open for all JYU degree students.

Host universities

You can browse the Erasmus+ host universities at the Mobility-Online search portal:
Available sites are marked with a green lamp.

Please select your faculty and the academic year 2019-2020 as a selection criteria.

During an exchange period you should study either your major or minor studies courses. You can familiarise yourself with the course offerings of each host university at their web site.

Language skills

Courses of the host universities are conducted either in English or at the local language. You are not required to complete any additional language tests in most host universities, but you are required to have adequate language skills in the language of instruction.

How to apply

Application instructions:

Application steps:

1. Fill in the online application form
2. Login into Mobility-Online and add your Personal details (e.g. address)
3. Upload the enclosures (if applicable)

Funding and expenses

Studying is free of charge at each host university. All Erasmus+ students receive a travel scholarship of 360-420 € / month depending on the host country.

You are in charge of your own living and housing expenses. 

Further information