What does it cost to go on exchange? How can you finance studies abroad?


Students studying abroad are required to cover the travel costs and the living expenses during the exchange themselves. There are no tuition fees when studying abroad through exchange programmes. There may be additional costs due to study handouts and books.

Travel scholarship

Each student nominated to student exchange by JYU receives a travel scholarship of approximately 500-1300 € to destinations within Europe and 1350-2350 € to destinations outside Europe. The exact sum depends on the destination and the exchange period.

Student financial aid abroad

Those studying abroad are eligible for normal student financial aid if the studies abroad can be included in the student's degree. The housing allowance and the share of the loan are increased abroad.

More information about the amount of the student financial aid is available on the student financial aid page.

Other scholarships

Additional scholarships can be applied for through different foundations, although (under)graduate scholarships are scarce.