Studying or working abroad supports the development of your competence to work in an international setting. You will need them in order to work in a multicultural working environment.

Learning goals for mobility period set by JYU Education Council 11/2015

After completing a mobility period student has:

  • Deepened his/her academic expertise

  • Created networks with other experts in the field

  • Developed language skills, interaction skills, cooperation skills and ability to work in multilingual and multicultural environments

  • Increased self-confidence and self-knowledge, ability to cope with uncertainty and flexibility

  • Developed critical thinking skills and problem solving skills

After completing a mobility period the student

  • Understands the meaning of various cultural factors and contexts (language, nationality, gender, age, academic field) to interaction

  • Is conscious of and can analyse the factors affecting the formation and transformation of one’s own cultural identity

  • Understands and respects cultural diversity

  • Is interested in global issues and can study them from new perspectives