Internationalisation on campus

Internationalisation skills needed in working life can also be developed on your home campus.

It is also possible to become international on your home campus by e.g. the following ways:

Courses and  study modules in foreign languages

Many departments offer tuition in foreign languages, and students of JYU as well as international students have the opportunity to participate in it. Information on foreign language tuition can be found on the English website of the International Office:

Courses for exchange students

Keep in mind also the English Master's degree programs offered by the University of Jyväskylä, to which you can apply after completing your Bachelor's degree.

Courses at the Language Centre

The Language Centre of the University of Jyväskylä offers students tuition in many languages, and language and culture study modules in e.g. German and French.

The study planning website of the Language Centre

You can also learn languages informally with other students of the university. The idea behind the Each One Teach One (EOTO) -program is that you can teach a language you know well to a student from another country, and the student can teach you his/her own native language. You can get ECTS credit from participating in the EOTO-program. More information from the website of the Language Center:

Multilingual Intercultural Competence

Multilingual Intercultural Competence (MIC) offers degree and exchange students at the University of Jyväskylä the chance to invest in the development of their internationalization capabilities and demonstrate their competence. 

MIC combines studies completed in the form of courses run by the University of Jyväskylä’s Language Centre, in subject departments and as an exchange student, for instance. The course in multilingual intercultural communication (Fundamentals in intercultural and multilingual communication XYHX003) is mandatory for all students completing a MIC. Otherwise MIC does not necessarily require additional courses. MIC is not a program nor a study module. It cannot be accepted as a minor subject as such. MIC is a certificate of studies placed in different parts of the student's degree, which in one way or another strengthen the student's cultural competence and internationalization capabilities.

More information:

International tutoring

Working as a tutor for international students is a great way to form contacts with new students, develop your language skills, gain work experience in guiding a multicultural group, and in your own part, participate in creating a positive image of Finland.

Read more about tutoring international students

International activities of the Student Union

The student union JYY organizes multicultural activities for the international students of the university, for students going on exchange, and for everyone interested in internationality.

The Subcommittee for International Affairs  of the student union aims to promote internationality and tolerance at the university and supports international students in matters related to e.g. studying and their own influencing opportunities. The subcommittee also organizes different events and campaigns.

The Subcommittee for International Affairs

More information:

Specialist in International Affairs
tel. 050 338 7655
Student Union building Ilokivi, Keskussairaalantie 2

International organizations

Erasmus Student Network

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) organizes common activities such as trips, excursions, and theme nights for Finnish and international students.
ESN Jyväskylä


AIESEC provides opportunities for international co-operation and networking in your home campus. It is also possible to do an internship abroad through AIESEC.
AIESEC Jyväskylä