Student life abroad


Host universities often offer student housing in dormitories. In large cities you may have to search for housing from the private sector but the host university can assist you with that. Accommodation in student housing is usually applied for by filling out a form that  is sent to the host university before the beginning of the exchange period.

You can sublet your room/apartment in Kortepohja or KOAS for the duration of your exchange period.

Orientation and tutors

Many universities arrange an orientation or a welcoming day for their exchange students, during which the students receive information on practical matters such as course selection, and get to know the city and the culture of the country. In some universities there are also student tutors to help the incoming student.

The International Office at JYU organizes an outgoing exchange orientation each semester with practical information on going abroad.

Free time

Host universities and student organizations (such as ESN) usually offer many hobby options and opportunities to travel e.g. together with other exchange students. In addition to pastime provided for exchange students, it is worth participating in leisure activities close to your own interests so that you can meet locals as well. You will surely get a hold of the local culture through the contacts you gain.