Student Financial Aid

Student Financial Aid is available from Kela for post-comprehensive school education.

While you are a full time student in school, you may be eligible for

  • student financial aid in three forms: Study Grant, Housing Supplement and government guarantee for student loan
  • meal subsidy (for higher education students)
  • adult education subsidy from Koulutusrahasto

Student financial aid can be awarded for full-time study in an upper secondary school, vocational institution of higher education. The amount of financial aid available depends on your age, your accommodation and the type of school you are enrolled in. It is also affected by your other income and sometimes also by your parents' income.

After you have graduated, you may be eligible for

  • a tax deduction for your student loan (if you have completed a higher-education degree)
  • assistance with student loan interest.

By completing a degree, you earn credits towards earnings-related pension, which will become payable when you retire.

You can find more information on student financial aid at the Kela website. If you are not a Finnish citizen, there are restrictions of entitlement in student financial aid.

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