Become a student tutor for new international students

Becoming a tutor for international students gives you an opportunity to help new international students and to get to know new people and new cultures.

What is a student tutor?

The International Office employs tutors (senior students) for each faculty. Their task is to acquaint new exchange students and degree students coming to international Master’s programmes with the system of studies and campus life in Jyväskylä.

International Master’s programmes welcome also Finnish students and therefore tutors of degree students might also have Finnish students in their group. All groups are multicultural and each tutor can gain experience in managing a multicultural group.

What are the tasks of a student tutor?

When international students arrive in Finland, they have a lot on their mind, and the new culture sets its challenges. The main duty of the tutor is to help students settle in a new country, city and university. The tutor also

  • contacts and advises the students in his/her tutor group before their arrival.
  • picks up the students from Jyväskylä Travel Centre and accompanies them to the student apartment. The tutor has picked up the keys to the student apartment in advance (and, if applicable, the survival kit for the student)
  • takes the tutees e.g. to the bank, International Office, accommodation office, host department and register office. In addition, in the beginning students might need help with doing the shopping and finding a bike, for example.
  • helps the international student during the orientation programme at the beginning of the semester. The tutor makes sure that the students find their way to the orientation, show how the student restaurants function and helps with registering to courses in Korppi. During the orientation, the tutor should also give the tutee a campus and library tour, not forgetting to take the chance to enjoy free-time activities with the international students.

The tutors are paid a small reward for their work and new tutors can get 2 ECTS credits.

Length of the tasks

Tutoring starts already before the arrival of the students, advising students online. The main duties of a tutor last for the first weeks or the first month after the arrival. Student tutors are also encouraged to assist the international students throughout their stay at the University of Jyväskylä. 

While most students during the autumn semester arrive in September, there are some students who arrive already in August to attend a Finnish or English course before their other studies start in September. Accordingly, tutors can start either in August or September. The orientation programme for all international students is organized 3-6 September 2019 (tentative dates).

During the spring semester, new international students arrive at the beginning of January. The orientation programme for international students takes place on 3-4 & 7 January 2019.

Application procedure

If you would like to become a tutor for new international students, please fill in the tutor application during the application round 1 February - 1 March (autumn semester tutors) or 1-15 October (spring semester tutors). 

Please note that tutors are required to be well-acquainted with the university. Therefore, tutors must have completed at least one academic year at JYU before the start of the tutoring duties.

The tutor selection is based on

  • eagerness to help students
  • international experience
  • motivation 
  • possible activity in a student organization (e.g. in ESN, Subcomittee for International Affairs, IDESCO, international responsible of a subject association)
  • language skills. A good command of English is required. In addition, a working knowledge of Finnish is an asset since tutors may have to help tutees in situations where Finnish is required. Certainly, you will also have a great opportunity to practice other languages too.
  • major and minor subjects. The tutor groups are usually formed so that the tutor and the tutorees study in the same department.
  • faculty statement on applications

>> Tutor application

Selected applicants will be invited for a group interview that will take place on 13 and 14 March 2019 (application round for the autumn semester). The applicants are informed about the selection by the end of March.

Tutor training

The selected tutors are invited to an obligatory tutor training. Please see the tutor training dates below.

Currently studying or doing an internship abroad?

If you are interested in applying to be a tutor for the autumn semester, no worries, you can still tutor students who arrive in September (but not August arrivals). If you are studying or doing an internship abroad during the application period and cannot attend the tutor interview or training, you will be interviewed by e-mail. If selected, you are required to attend a tutor training which will be offered on 2 and 30 August. Both days are obligatory to attend.

If you are interested in working as a tutor in the spring semester, you can be selected as a tutor only if you can participate in person in the tutor training which takes place at the beginning of December. 

Important dates

Please mark down the following dates already when applying in order to make sure you are available on the required days. 

Autumn semester tutors:

  • Application deadline: 1 March 2019
  • Interview: 13 and 14 March 2019
  • Tutor training
    • First part: 3 May 2019 (whole day) and 4 May 2019 (half day)
    • Second part for those who tutor students arriving in August: 1 August 2019 (half day)
    • Second part for those who tutor students arriving in September: 30 August 2019 (half day)
  • Orientation programme: 3-6 September 2019 (tentative dates)

Spring semester tutors:

  • Application deadline: 15 October 2018
  • Interview: 25 October 2018
  • Tutor training: 3-4 December 2018
  • International students' arrival date: 2 January 2019
  • Orientation programme: 3-4 & 7 January 2019

More information

Specialist in International Affairs of JYY
E-mail: international(at)
Mobile: 050 338 7655

The Specialist in International Affairs has an office in the Student Union (Ilokivi, Keskussairaalantie 2).