Friendship family programme

Learn more about Finnish culture. Experience the Finnish way of life outside the campus.

The purpose of the friendship family programme is to give international students a chance to have first-hand experience of culture and way of life in Finland, in addition to life on campus. At the same time, the families get an opportunity to learn about the students' home countries and cultures.

Please note that the programme does not include accommodation with families.

How does it work?

The International Office recruits local families and then unites the families and students by giving both each others' contact information. All applicants will receive an e-mail about the selection in the beginning of September/January at the latest, whether they got a friendship family or not. The families and students can then contact one another independently. It is up to the student and the family to decide how often they meet and how they will spend their time together. In the beginning of each semester, the International Office organises a get-together for new international students and their friendship families.

How to apply?

>> Application form

If you would like to participate in the programme, please complete the friendship family application form. Before that, please read the principles of the programme. The application deadlines are:

  • 1 August (for the autumn semester) and
  • 1 December (for the spring semester).

Due to the limited number of families, the programme cannot unfortunately be offered to all international students.  Therefore, please consider carefully whether you can devote time for this activity, before submitting the application.  Those applying for the programme should be prepared to meet their friendship families regularly.

Experiences of former students

Read what the former Friendship family programme participants have to say about the programme.

"It was really nice. I really got to know much more about a real Finnish life. I enjoyed being with my Finnish family a lot. However, I also recommmend those who are interested to prepare to spend some time and efforts to establish the relationship."

"I really appreciate this programe. I like my friendship family very much. They're like my family in Finland. Because of them, I understand more deeper Finnish culture. Also, I have chance to introduce my culture to them."

"My family was awesome! I would love to visit them again - and they can also visit me any time. We had great fun together, and they really helped me when I needed help! And they made my stay in Finland even more memorable! I love them dearly!"

"It was the best thing I did in Finland. it is so great to have a family you cares of you and show you the Finnish way of life. I'm really glad that I took part in this programme."

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