Course registration and modes of study

Types of courses

Lecture course

The most usual form of instruction is a lecture course with a final examination at the end. You have to pass the examination after attending the lectures in order to receive credit for your work.

Exchange and visiting students should notice that examinations can only be taken during the time for which they have been accepted. After the exchange period has ended, i.e. after the end of December or May, it is no longer possible to take examinations. Please note also that in some faculties and/or departments it is also required to register separately to a lecture course exam.


Another common type of a course is a self-study course (usually referred to as a book exam): you read literature specifically agreed on with the lecturer/professor, write essays and/or take a written examination after completing the necessary readings.

Other courses

Departments also organise seminars (instruction given in small groups introducing students to independent research), laboratory work in natural sciences, as well as other kinds of practical course and written assignments.

Which courses to choose?

Degree students

Students in two-year Master's programmes should plan their studies according to the personal study plan which is prepared at the beginning of the studies.

Exchange and visiting students

If you are an exchange student, you can choose courses from the curriculum of your host department and/or from the international study programmes offered at the University of Jyväskylä.

However, there are some restrictions that you have to take into consideration:

  • Some of the courses may be targeted at students of the department/faculty in question only.
  • Some courses may have some prerequisites that the participants must fulfill.
  • As a rule, the studies in communication and English at the Department ofLanguage and Communication Studies are only open to students who come in the framework of their own exchange agreements. Participation in the courses of the Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics, Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences and Department of Teacher Education is also restricted.

>> Courses in English for exchange students

Registration for courses

Registration for courses at the University of Jyväskylä is done online using the Korppi environment. Registration takes place in the beginning of and during the semester.

In Korppi you can find most of the courses offered by different departments. Before registering for a course, please check

  • that the language of instruction of the course is English (if you do not speak Finnish fluently)
  • that you have the required study right and background studies for the course in question
  • the level of the course. Bachelor's level courses are divided into basic (marked with the letter P as the fourth letter of the course code) and subject studies (the fourth letter of the course code is A). Master's level courses are marked with the letter S (fourth letter of the course code).
  • that the courses for which you register do not overlap (at least if the course has a strict attendance policy)

If you decide not to take part in a course you have registered for, please remember to cancel your participation.

Please notice that you can register for courses only after you have arrived in Jyväskylä and received your username and password for the university computer network. These cannot be sent to you while you are still in your home country.