Degree structure


Undergraduate degrees

Finnish universities have a two-cycle degree system consisting of

  • a Bachelor’s degree which is composed of 180 ECTS credits and can be completed in three years and
  • a Master’s degree ehich comprises of 120 ECTS credits and can be obtained in two years.

Within a degree programme students take one or two minor subjects to complement the studies in their major subject.
Please note that in Finnish universities the term postgraduate refers to a student holding a Master’s degree or equivalent.

Postgraduate degrees

Postgraduate degrees in Finnish universities are:

  • Doctor's (tohtori) degree
  • Licenciate's (lisensiaatti) degree

Structure of degrees


Studies and are measured in ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits.

The extent of the degrees offered at the University of Jyväskylä are

Bachelor's degree 180 ECTS credits
Master's degree* 120 ECTS credits
*Master's degree in Psychology 150 ECTS credits

Students who have been accepted to a Bachelor’s degree programme have the right to continue in the Master’s degree programme of their home university in the same field without having to reapply.


A Doctor’s (tohtori) degree can be taken directly after the Master’s degree or, alternatively, after the intermediate Licentiate (lisensiaatti) degree. The minimum time to complete a Licentiate degree after the Master's degree is two years and the Doctoral degree four years, but in practice it usually takes longer.

Postgraduate studies, which are not arranged in structured degree programmes, consist of seminars, methodology, independent research and the preparation of an extensive thesis or dissertation, which is published and defended by the student at a public debate.

Please note that the Finnish system of studies, which does not tie students to closely predetermined schedules and programmes, places a strong emphasis on student's own initiative and individual work, particularly at the postgraduate level.

Degree regulations of the University of Jyväskylä

Approved by the University Board on 16 March 2015