Normative duration of study and extensions to study time

Normative duration of study

The normative duration of a Master's degree programme is two years, but the duration of the study right is fours years, i.e. the student has the right to study in a Master's programme for four years without applying for an extension to study time.  

Principles on extension to study time at the University of Jyväskylä

Extension of study time

Universities’ Act, Section 42, Regulations (Section 45) and Degree Regulations (Section 8) of the universities regulate the time of study and the application for extension to it for students failing to complete the degree in a time decreed by the Universities’ Act, Section 41.

Applying for extension

Statutory absences due to voluntary or general military service or maternity/paternity/parental leave are not counted in the given time to complete the degree. If you have such absences, they will be excluded from the total time to complete the degree. Please use the form Notification for prolonging the time to complete a degree (in Finnish Ilmoitus opintoajan jatkamisesta).

If your studies have been delayed for reasons other than mentioned above, you may apply for extension using the form Application for extension of time to study (in Finnish Lisäajan hakeminen opintoaikaan). The decision of the extension is made by the dean of your faculty. Students may and are advised to apply for extension in advance, if it becomes evident that he/she cannot complete the studies in the given time. If your right to study ends on 31 July, please apply for extension by 15 April in order to ensure ample time for the application process.

Appendices to the application

Please enclose an updated, scheduled and approved study plan to your application. It should state the studies that are still to be completed and the timetable for this (give the academic term). Reasons for the delay shall be enclosed.

Grounds for granting extension

Extension will be granted provided that the faculty, on the basis of the given study plan, assesses that the student can complete the degree in a reasonable time, taking into account the amount and scope of studies already accomplished  and those yet to be completed.

Illness or other difficult situation in life not caused by the student himself, social activity, international study or training exchange period or systematic top-level sport activity may support the granting of extension. The right to study and extension can be granted upon application to students transferred to the passive register. A re-registration fee will be charged.

Duration of the extension to study time

Extension will be granted in terms. At a time, the extension is granted for minimum one and maximum four terms. Statutory absences will be taken into account during the extension time as well. If the approved study plan implies that the studies can only be finished in more than four terms, the extension will be granted for four terms. The student has to submit a new application for the remaining extra time.


You can apply for a rectification on the decision of the extension from the faculty in 14 days’ time, date of service excluded.

You can appeal to the faculty’s decision for rectification in 30 days, excluding the date of service, in the Administrative Court. The appeal to Hämeenlinna Administrative Court should include the decision that is appealed, the points in the decision that the appeal refers to, the changes that are requested and grounds for this. The original decision or a copy of it, certificate of the date of service or other clarification of the beginning of the time for appeal, and other possible documents you wish to refer to, are to be appendiced. The decision of the administrative court cannot be appealed.

Entry into force

The decision will be applied to the first decisions on extension of study time immediately. The principles stated in this letter will be adopted for earlier decisions on extension of study time, if the student later on applies for extension for the second time and thereafter.