Instructions on applying for a degree and graduating from the university.

When all the required courses for the degree have been completed, the student applies for a degree certification from the Faculty.

When to apply for the degree

The application has to be submitted two weeks before the intended graduation date at the latest (or 10 days before the date when the Faculty of Social Sciences announces the degrees). During holidays you should be prepared for a longer processing time.

Registering completed courses

The student has to make sure that all completed courses have been registered to the transcript of records prior to submitting the application for a degree. You can check your transcript of records from Korppi ( with your university username and password. Any missing information or errors have to immediately be notified to the Departmental Office in question.

Application form

You can apply for a degree in Korppi on the Degrees page or via eHops. Instructions:

You can get a degree application form from your Faculty Office or you can print it out from the Forms page.

Instructions and schedules by Faculty

Degree certificates are granted by the decision of the Dean of the Faculty. More detailed schedules and instructions can be found on the websites of the Faculties.

The degree certificate

The Master’s degree certificate contains the total number of credits in the major subject and the grading.

The Bachelor’s degree certificate contains the number of credits in the subject studies of the major subject and the grading.

Minor subject credits are marked in the certificate according to the instructions of the Faculty in question. The student has to make sure that the major and minor subjects have been registered in their entirety with the number of credits and grading.

Diploma Supplement

The Admission and Student Services will send a Diploma Supplement to all students that have completed their Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. The Diploma Supplement is intended for international use.

Diploma conferment ceremony / graduation ceremony

Some of the Faculties organize a diploma conferment ceremony or a graduation ceremony once or twice a year. Invitations are sent by the Faculty Office to all those who have graduated during the semester or academic year.

Conferment of Degrees Ceremony (Promootio)

Conferment of Degrees Ceremony is the biggest academic festivity, during which Masters’, Doctors’ and Honorary Doctors’ degrees are conferred. Master promovendi are also awarded the right to wear the master’s laurel and ring as the symbols of the degree. Similarly, doctor promovendi are given the doctoral hat and sword.

The Conferment of Degrees Ceremony is arranged at 3-4 years’ intervals and all Master’s and Doctoral students who have graduated after the previous Ceremony are invited. Registration for the Ceremony on May 2019 is now open at register by 1 February 2019.