Housing during the Summer School in Human Sciences

Accommodation during Summer School

Summer School participants will be accommodated in the apartments of Kortepohja Student Village at about 2.5 kilometres / 1.5 miles from the University. They will have a furnished study-bedroom (with a shared kitchenette and bathroom) which also include a blanket, pillow and bed linen. Some of the apartments may also include basic kitchenware.

Choosing Kortepohja Student Village as your accommodation is budget-friendly, but requires considerably more self-containment than staying in a hotel. For a good description of the accommodation level in Kortepohja, see the summer school group accommodation info at their webpage www.kortepohja.fi/en/tenant/tenancy-guides/instructions/group-accommodation/

Cost of accommodation (2018):

4 weeks 335 EUR approx. 393 USD approx. 504 CAD approx. 523 AUD
3 weeks 295 EUR approx. 346 USD approx. 444 CAD approx. 460 AUD
2 weeks 240 EUR approx. 281 USD approx. 361 CAD approx. 375 AUD
1 week 165 EUR approx. 193 USD approx. 248 CAD approx. 257 AUD

The rental period starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. Single nights cannot be booked.

Summer School students are requested to apply for accommodation with an online application for accommodation no later than 31 March.


Summer School participants are requested to pay for the apartment in advance. Instructions for the payment will be sent with the confirmation of acceptance e-mail. Please note that the accommodation reservation is complete only after you have paid  for the entire period for which you have requested for an apartment.

ISEP students

Students applying in the framework in the ISEP exchange programme are entitled to free housing in Kortepohja Student Village. They will also receive a food stipend of 340 EUR (approx. 398 USD) for food expenses.

Hotel accommodation

If you would like to stay at a hotel or hostel during the Summer School, please have a look at the website of Visit Jyväskylä. Please reserve the hotel room by contacting the hotel directly. Links to the hotel websites can be found on the above mentioned website.