Practical information

Practical information related to the Summer School in Human Sciences

How to get to Jyväskylä

The city of Jyväskylä is located in Central Finland, some 270 km north of Helsinki, and is best reached by plane, train or coach. The connections are relatively frequent and the journey from Helsinki to Jyväskylä takes 3½ - 4 hours by train.

By plane

Most of the flights to Finland arrive at Helsinki Airport (about 20 km from the centre of Helsinki). From Helsinki Airport you may continue by plane, train or bus to Jyväskylä. Please book the connecting flight in advance. The flight time to Jyväskylä is approximately 45 minutes. The Jyväskylä (Tikkakoski) Airport is located about 23 km from the centre of Jyväskylä. There is no regular bus connection from the airport. You can take a taxi from the airport to the centre of Jyväskylä. The taxi journey from the airport to Jyväskylä takes around 20 minutes and costs around 50 €. It is recommended to book a taxi in advance by calling +358 100 6900 (advance booking payment is around 7 €) as there may not be any taxis available at the airport upon your arrival, especially if you arrive late at night or early in the morning. If you are not able to book the taxi in advance, you can use the free telephone inside the terminal building to call for a taxi. If you do not book the taxi in advance, be prepared to wait for it for a little while. For more information, see the Finavia website.

If you arrive at Tampere-Pirkkala Airport, take a bus or a taxi to the centre of Tampere. For more information, please see the Finavia website. You can continue your journey to Jyväskylä by train or bus.

By ferry

There are frequent ferry connections to Helsinki via Stockholm or Tallinn, and also from Travemünde and Rostock. Please see the ferry timetables:


By coach

There is also a direct bus connection from Helsinki Airport to Jyväskylä. The trip will take 4 -5 hours and costs approximately 50 € without the student discount.

You may also catch an Onnibus coach (low-cost coaches) from Helsinki Airport to Jyväskylä. Onnibus coaches operate also from the Kamppi Bus Station in Helsinki city centre, a short walk from the Helsinki Central Railway Station. You can get to the city center by taking the Finnair bus, the local bus number 615 or the Ring Rail Line trains I and P to the Helsinki Central railway station. Onnibus tickets can be purchased by credit card in advance and depending on seat availability also from the driver, but at a higher price than in advance online. It is recommended to purchase Onnibus tickets in advance as tickets are often sold out. Check the timetables and purchase tickets at

By train

If you choose to travel by train, take the Ring Rail Line P train from Helsinki Airport to Tikkurila and change trains there. The journey from the airport to Tikkurila railway station takes about 13 minutes. Trains leave every 10 minutes. There are direct train connections from Tikkurila to Jyväskylä, but in some cases you will have to change trains at Tampere or Pieksämäki.

If you wish to go the Helsinki city centre first and catch the train from there, take the I or P train, FINNAIR bus or the local bus number 615 (platform 25, but check just in case) to the Helsinki Central Railway Station and continue your journey from there. It will take 40-50 minutes to get to the Helsinki Central Railway Station.

The journey to Jyväskylä takes approximately 3 - 5 hours, depending on how many transfers there are. Please check the train connections and purchase tickets on the VR (Finnish Railways) website.

Public transportation

As a Summer School student you are entitled to 30 - 50 % student discount in trains and long distance busses. In order to get the student discount you need a certificate that proves your eligibility for the student discount (VR trains) and/or a Matkahuolto student card (Matkahuolto buses). Please see below for further information on how to obtain these.

Note that you are not able to get the student discount before you have picked up a signed Temporary certificate of student status for discount on VR's trains and/or the Matkahuolto Student Card Certificate from the International Office at the University of Jyväskylä.

NB! You should pick up the certificate in person from the International Office after arrival. Unfortunately the certificate cannot be sent to you before arrival. So please be prepared that you will not be able to get the student discount on your first journey to Jyväskylä. Unfortunately, you cannot get a student discount on trains or coaches with the ISIC card (International Student Identity Card).

By train
You can use a temporary certificate of student status for discount on VR's trains to prove your eligibility for the student discount. You can pick up the certificate from the Student Services or from the International Office.

Further information:

By long distance bus
Students are granted a 50% discount for bus tickets if the trip covers at least 60 km. To get the student discount you need a Matkahuolto student card. You can collect the Matkahuolto student card from the Matkahuolto service point (the new address: Hannikaisenkatu 22). For that you need the following:

  • a photograph
  • a Matkahuolto student card certificate from the Student Services or from the International Office
  • 10 Euros

Further information:

You may also travel by Onnibus which is a low-cost bus operator. It is recommended to book the Onnibus tickets well in advance since they are often sold out. Further information:

Public transportation within Jyväskylä
Jyväskylän Liikenne Oy provides local transport. The price for a single fare is EUR 3 and the price goes up after 23.00 to EUR 4. Also season tickets are available, e.g. a 30-day-ticket for EUR 60 for adults and EUR 51 for students.

Further information:
An online journey planner is available at:
Linkki customer service visiting address: Asemakatu 7

A practical way to move around is by bike. When riding a bike you should use the bicycle paths marked with a sign (white figures on a blue background). In places where there is no special bicycle path, please use the right side of the roadway, not the sidewalk. You should then follow the same traffic rules as motorists. Also, remember to use lights on the bicycle when driving in the dark. Furthermore, we strongly recommend that you wear a helmet.

The following companies rent out bikes for a couple of days or weeks:

Please remember that you need some local money (euros) in buses, trains and taxis.

Student tutors and arrival service

Summer School participants arriving from abroad are assisted by student tutors (senior students). The student tutors will help international Summer School participants with practical matters, such as finding their way around the campus and the city centre. The student tutors will also meet the students arriving from abroad at Jyväskylä Travel Centre (bus/railway station) and take them to their student apartments.

Visa requirements

Students from the EU (European Union) and EEA (European Economic Area) countries do not need a visa to enter the country. Citizens of non-EU and non-EEA countries must apply for an entry visa at the nearest Finnish Embassy or Consulate unless their home country is listed as a visa-free country. More information can be found at


The University of Jyväskylä does not insure Summer School participants. Medical insurance is recommended for all participants but it is the responsibility of the student. Citizens of EU and EEA countries should bring a European Health Insurance Card with them which entitles the holder to all necessary medical care during one's stay in another EU or EEA country. The European Health Insurance Card can be obtained from the local social security office in your home country.

>> More information on the European Health Insurance Card (from the perspective of Finnish citizens).

It is absolutely vital for students coming from non-EU or non-EEA countries to obtain private medical insurance to cover unexpected emergencies.


In May and in the beginning of June the weather can be a little unpredictable in Finland. Typically the temperature is in low 20s C, but it can also be a little cooler especially in the evenings. For a 5-day weather forecast see e.g.äskylä.

In the beginning of June the sun sets around 11pm and rises around 3.30 am in Finland, so if you are a light sleeper it might be smart to bring a sleeping mask.

What to bring

If you are staying at Kortepohja Student Village there is no need to bring sheets or blankets because sheets, a blanket and a pillow are included in the apartments. The apartments are also equipped with some basic kitchenware. Please note that a cable is needed to connect to the Internet from the apartments in Kortepohja Student Village. The correct type of cable is CAT5 RJ-45 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable. Also CAT5e and CAT6 cables can be used.

We recommend you take something warm (a pullover/cardigan) to put under your regular summer jacket. Then again, the weather might even be sunny and very warm, you never know.


Summer School participants may use the University of Jyväskylä Library where they will also have access to computers.

You can borrow books from the Main Library (Main Campus, building B) and the department libraries after you have collected a library card from the Main Library.

Computers at the university

There is a computer class in most of the buildings where the Summer School courses are held. In addition, there are computers for public use at the University Main Library (Building B on the Main Campus), at the MaD building (Building D in Mattilanniemi), and in the Agora Building. Students will receive their user account for the University computer network upon arrival.

Student cafeterias

There are several student cafeterias on the University campuses: Ilokivi, Lozzi, Libri, and Syke on the Main Campus;  Uno at Ruusupuisto; Maija and Piato in Mattilanniemi and Ylistö and Kvarkki in Ylistö. During the summer 2018 Lozzi, Libri, Syke, Uno, Maija, Piato, Ylistö, Kvarkki, Rentukka and Novelli (all the Semma cafeterias that are open during the Summer School) offer lunch for Summer School participants for approximately € 5. The discount is available with the Certificate of registration which students will receive after arrival. Remember to show the certificate when paying for the lunch. 

Menus for Semma cafeterias are available at:

Apartments in Kortepohja Student Village

Once you have settled in your apartment, remember that not only the front door of the apartment but also the door to your room has a lock in it. When you leave your room to go to the kitchen or bathroom, be careful not to lock yourself out. If you lock yourself out during your stay, please contact the Summer Hotel Rentukka reception. For more information, please see the Residence Instructions for Summer School tenants.

Social programme

The University of Jyväskylä arranges free time activities for the summer school participants to familiarize them with Finnish culture and the Jyväskylä region.

University Sports

The University Sports is a great and affordable option if you want to do sports during summer school. In order to use the University Sports services you need the electronic receipt of payment on your email that you can show on your phone when prompted, or a physical summer sports sticker attached to your student certificate. The summer season costs 20 euros, which includes group fitness classes, ball game sessions and Monitoimitalo* gym.

*You need a wristband to Monitoimitalo gym. The wristband costs 7 euros and you have to buy it once. You can buy the wristband from the janitors at Monitoimitalo gym.

Summer School students staying at Kortepohja Student Village are entitled to use the Rentukka gym in Kortepohja.

You can buy the sports sticker at the University Shop Soppi (located in between the Main Library and building T). Remember to take with you your certificate of registration that you got during your first days in Jyväskylä. You can check the opening hours of Soppi at:

Further information:

When leaving

Please check from the Kortepohja webpage the list of tasks that you should take care of before you leave under "Leaving Student Village - Checking out":

In case of emergency

If you become ill and need urgent medical attention, you should contact

Monday - Thursday from 8-16 and Friday from 9-16

  •  the Municipal Health Centre (Kyllö, address Keskussairaalantie 20, phone number +358 14 266 2011) or

From 16-8 and on the Weekends

  • the  Central Hospital (Keski-Suomen Keskussairaala, address Keskussairaalantie 19, phone number 0100 84 884). To order an ambulance, dial 112.

Health centres charge an initial fee of € 20.60 and the Central Hospital a fee of € 41.20. There may also be an additional service fee, depending on the treatment. Please note that all non-permanent citizens, apart from the EU and EEA citizens, must pay for all treatments themselves and claim for a refund from their insurance company. The hospital fees may run high if you are not a citizen of the EU or EEA. Thus, if you come from a country outside the EU or EEA it is absolutely vital that you obtain private medical insurance to cover unexpected emergencies. 

While studying in another member state, EU and EEA countries are entitled to the same benefits in case of an emergency (medical care required by the state of health, accident, sudden illness etc.) as the local population. The European Health Insurance Card certifies that you are entitled to these benefits. The card is standardized throughout the European Union and can be obtained from the social security institutions of the country where you are insured. To speed up your claim for benefits, present this card in the hospital or at the health centre.

Emergency Telephone Numbers
General emergency 112
Ambulance 112
Fire station 112
Police 112
Pharmacies on call 118

These numbers (except 118) are free of charge also when the call is made from a phone booth.

Jyväskylä Police Station is located at Urhonkatu 1, close to the Travel Centre.

Tel. 0295 414 803.

The Licence and permit centre of the Jyväskylä Police is located at Urhonkatu 2.

Toxicological emergency number (for the whole of Finland): (+358 9) 4711 or (+358 9) 471 977