Master's Thesis

Advanced studies in a major subject include writing a Master's thesis.The extent of the thesis is generally 30-40 ECTS credits, depending on the faculty. In the international Master's degree programmes, the thesis is written in English. You can choose the topic of the thesis independently, but it should be connected to the research focus areas at the department and/or subject. Along the thesis process you will take part in a thesis seminar. In the seminar you will present your own research plan and hear about other students'  progress. Your thesis supervisor will guide and support you throughout the thesis process. While writing a Master's thesis you will learn about independent information retrieval, critical evaluation of information, as well as the generation and application of new knowledge. After completing your Master's thesis you have acquired many generic skills related to working life, such as problem-solving skills, project management skills, and self-study and self-management skills.

Further information on the Master's thesis can be found on the website of each faculty: