Study counselling

Exchange students

Exchange students can contact the faculty coordinators in academic matters, such as departmental study counselling, courses and credits, or turn to the staff of the International Office with other questions and problems.

Degree students

Degree students can turn to the staff of their own departments. The departments are responsible for offering study counselling to their students and they have named the staff members whose task is to help students in planning the studies and drawing up the personal study plans (HOPSes). Usually, it is the education coordinators, study counsellors, teacher tutors or HOPS advisers who are in charge of that.

The Head of Academic Affairs of the faculty helps with questions related to admission and graduation.

The units of Student and Academic Services of the University (T Building, 2nd floor) also offer different counselling services for students:

  • The Admission and Student Services is in charge of matters related to admission, registration and student fees. It also gives general advice on study matters.
  • The International Office gives general guidance for international degree students and coordinates the student exchange programmes of the university. 
  • The Career Services helps with questions related to working life or a career in Finland.

Other counselling services

  • University Sports gives information on the sport courses with credits.
  • Finnish Student Health Service (YTHS) offers mental health services.
  • Library: apart from advising on how to use the library, the staff also help with matters concerning information retrieval, databases and publishing.
  • Language Centre helps with planning the language and communication studies.
  • Digital Services gives support on matters pertaining information systems and user accounts.
  • Specialists of the Student Union (in International Affairs, Academic Affairs, and Social Affairs) also help students with problems related to their studies.
  • SIMHE guidance and counselling supports migrants who live in Finland and are interested in beginning studies in a Finnish higher education institution or continuing their previous academic studies. Personal guidance appointment can be booked via .