Tools and applications for students

The most popular tools and applications

Tools and applications in alphabetical order


ePortfolio is a tool for documenting and presenting experience and competence.


The eExam is an electronic exam which students take independently in the eExam room, located on the third floor of the Jyväskylä University Main Library. Login.


An e-mail system for students of JYU.


Through JYKDOK, you can search the University Library's printed and e-materials.


Korppi is a multipurpose study data system used by both staff and students alike.

Course descriptions and timetables for lectures, demonstrations and exams can be found on Korppi and registration for courses and exams is done there. Degree students are expected to create their personal study plan (eHOPS) on Korppi at the beginning of their studies. Also, it is possible to create a personal or group timetable using the Korppi calendar. Students' study progress and for example their transcript of records is always available for students on Korppi.


Koppa is a portal for delivering course material, such as course pages, slides, texts or images.


Mobility-Online is a system through which you can apply to study abroad. Incoming exchange students apply for admission to JYU through Mobility-Online.


Moniviestin is a platform for publishing multipage programmes, such as teaching and PR materials containing image, video, audio and text in the web environment. In addition, Moniviestin allows live web video broadcasting.


Moodle is an e-learning environment. Moodle supports multiple languages and is based on open source technologies.

MOT dictionaries

Online dictionary

Online payments

Online payment services. With JYU online payment services one can safely pay either in the netbank, with a credit card or using PayPal.


Optima is an online learning environment used throughout the University of Jyväskylä to support web-based distance learning.

Password change service


New degree students starting after 2018 create their personal study plans in Sisu. (English instructions to be added)