Health and wellbeing

Comprehensive health and wellbeing services and support are available for students.

The Finnish Student Health Service and other health care services

The Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) provides basic health and medical care for Bachelor's and Master's level university students who have joined the Student Union. Public sector first aid services are provided by municipal health centres and first aid during evenings and weekends by the Central Hospital. In case of an emergency, please dial 112. >> Read more


All students studying at the University of Jyväskylä are responsible for obtaining their own insurance. Citizens of EU and EEA countries are entitled to healthcare under the same conditions and at the same cost as people insured in Finland with the European Health Insurance Card. If you come from outside the EU or EEA, you are required to have private medical insurance. >> Read more

University sports

University sports offers you a wide range of sports and wellness services. You can participate in the group fitness and ball games with a paid sports sticker. Come enjoy the versatile selection of over 80 different sports! >> Read more

Goodies - student wellbeing advisers

The Goodie wellbeing advisers are there for you when you need someone to talk to. They are University staff members, who have been selected and trained to support the wellbeing of students, but they are not therapists or psychologists. You can come with any issue or problem and discussions are always kept confidential. Don’t worry alone – come and talk to your Goodie! >> Read more

Accessibility and individual services

The University of Jyväskylä aims at ensuring that the needs of students are accommodated as well as possible. Accessibility means providing a physical, mental and social environment where everyone can interact equally with other people regardless of their situation. >> Read more

Student Union

The Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä is the students' very own organization. The main task of the Student Union is to represent students and protect their interests and rights. The Student Union helps you with questions concerning studies, accommodation, welfare and legal issues. If you face harassment or bullying, you can contact the Student Union's harassment contact persons. >> Read more

Equality Committee

The task of the Equality Committee is to promote a range of measures to create conditions in which university personnel and students have equal rights and equal opportunities for working and learning. The Equality Committee creates a three-year equality plan for the university community and monitors and evaluates the carrying out of the actions written into the plan. >> Read more

Churches and religious communities

In addition to the Evangelical Lutheran Parish of Jyväskylä, which consists of nine areal congregations, a church or mosque of every major religion can be found in the Jyväskylä area. >> Read more