Student exchange application instructions

Instructions for student exchange application process.

Tip 1: In the application form you are asked to state your preliminary study plan and reasons for applying. It is advisable to write these first for example in Word and then copy them on the application form. The form is in English and therefore all questions should be answered in English.

Tip 2: After filling in the online application form, you are asked to submit requested enclosures in the application system. Please make sure that you submit them by the end of the application deadline.

Tip 3: In case you are planning to apply for exchange through several programmes, you should fill in the application form (and follow the below procedure) for each exchange programme separately.

Tip 4: When applying to the Erasmus+ programme, one application allows you to apply to partner universities of one unit (faculty/study field) only. In case you are planning to apply through different units/study fields, you should fill in 2-3 application forms (and follow the procedure below), depending on the number of the units through which you are applying.

  1. To start your application, enter the Mobility-Online Search Portal.
  2. In the portal view, please choose your preferred exchange programme first. In case you are planning to apply for exchange through several programmes, you are requested to follow the below mentioned procedure for each programme and submit applications for each programme separately.
  3. Select the academic year you are applying for.
  4. Depending on the exchange programme, you may limit the partner universities with one or more of the following criteria:
      1. Study area / study field (in Erasmus+) according to the subject you wish to study abroad. However, please notice that selecting a specific field might limit the list of host universities, so it can be better to leave the field "Study field" empty as within a study area it may be possible to study various fields.
      2. Continent and country. This limits the host country of your first choice only, and you are able to select your second (and third) university choice when entering the application form.
      3. Partner institution. In some programmes you may also select a particular host institution at this point.
      4. Faculty. In the faculty-level bilateral programme you will need to choose your home faculty at this point.
  5. Click on "Show exchange details" to view the universities based on your selection criteria.
  6. You will see the university options as search result. Search portal results - Erasmus

  7. To view details of the university (e.g. the website), please click on the paper icon next to the name of the department or the university.
  8. To apply, click on the green lamp icon green lampnext to the university of your first choice. Depending on the exchange programme, you may apply to two or three different universities (Erasmus/ISEP: 3 choices, Bilateral/FIRST/Norplus/Nordlys: 2 choices). You can choose the secondary (or third) university when filling in the application form.

  9. You will be forwarded to the Haka portal. Log in with your JYU account and password. In case you are not able to log in, but receive a notification "Login not possible because of already existing external authentication. Please close the browser, open a new one and try again",
     Login not possible
    you can also try to clear your browsing history (cache) or try private/incognito browsing mode.

  10. After successful login, give you permission to send your personal data to the Mobility-Online system by clicking Hyväksy (Accept):
     Haka portal login
    You will be then forwarded to the online application form.

  11. Fill in the online application form. Obligatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*) . Help icons help iconwill give you further instructions.

  12. Submit your application by clicking 'Send application'. Application enclosures should be  uploaded into the application system at a later stage. If you have problems submitting the application, try clearing your browser's cache or restarting/changing your browser / / trying the private / incognito browsing mode.

  13. Next, you will receive instructions by email on the requested enclosures and how to upload them into the Mobility-Online system.

  14. Log into Mobility-Online by using the link in the email. There is no need to give your password at this point. Just click 'Login'.

  15. You will be forwarded to the Haka portal where you can log into Mobility-Online by using your JYU user account and password.

  16. After login, you can see your workflow describing the steps of the application and nomination process. Before entering the next step, the previous one must be completed.

  17. Click on the link Complete personal data to enter your personal (e.g. address information): 
    Out-going student worfkflow
    You will be forwarded to a form where you are asked to complete for example your address. After filling in the requested data, click "Update personal details" and return back to your workflow (click "Back to the application overview").

  18. Log out by clicking the Logout link in the task bar of the upper left corner.
     Logout link

  19. Acquire the required enclosures (e.g. your language certificates if applicable) and scan them if needed. There is no need to attach your transcript of records (opintorekisteriote) to the application.

  20. After returning to the workflow, click on the link Upload application enclosure(s). You are also able to log out and continue your application at a later stage by logging in with the help of the link in your email. 

  21. Log back into Mobility-Online through Haka and to return to your workflow. If you need to attach any enclosures, click on the link Upload application enclosure(s). Otherwise your application is final.

    Click Selaa (Browseto find the wanted document in your workstation. Click Create to upload the document. You can upload pdf, jpg, gif and png files (max 2 Mb and max 1000 x 1000 pixels each).
     Upload enclosure in the workflow
    Then click on Selaa (Browse) to select the wanted document. Lastly, click 'Create' to attach your document to your application. Return to your workflow by clicking 'Back'. If you wish to upload more documents, you can redo this step.

    Finally, you can return to your workflow by clicking 'Back to the application overview'.

    NB! You should upload these documents before the end of the application period.

  22. The International Office will pre-check your application and you will receive an email to confirm that your application is final. Applications will be processed within one month after the end of the application period. You will receive the nomination results by email.

  23. You can always log in again into Mobility-Online and modify your application until the application deadline is over. If you wish to modify the online application:

    1.  Select the application you wish to modify (if you have several applications in the system).
    2. Click on Edit application under My application data OR click on the Display your application link in your workflow.
    3. After you have opened your application, click on Forward to update button at the end your application page to enable editing. Click Update to save the modifications.
    4. To modify your personal address details, open the Personal details tab.
       Mobi -Personal details tab
      You can upload additional enclosures under the 'Documents' tab (see section 19 above for instructions).

How to apply - part 2


After your application has been accepted at JYU and you have been nominated to your host university, you are required to fill in the application form of your host university and submit it by the application deadline of the host university. You will receive further instructions on the application process by email after you have been nominated to the host university. After the host university approves your application, your application process is finalized.

Further information


  • Mobility-Online support & general enquiries: 
    International Office, 
  • bilateral and FIRST+ exchanges: 
    International Coordinator Tiina Savela, tiina.savela[at], 
    tel. 040 805 4342
  • ISEP and Nordlys exchanges:
    International Coordinator Laura Laamanen, laura.m.laamanen[at],
    tel. 040 805 4337
  • Erasmus+, Nordplus, Faculty-level bilateral exchanges: Nomination process and information on host universities: 
    Faculty Coordinators